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BUCK Academy offers books and lessons written and illustrated by entrepreneurial husband and wife team Dustin and Febyolla Goss. BUCK, a friendly personification of a dollar, breaks money down to the basics with the goal of creating a new society of young savers and investors. 


The idea for BUCK Academy blossomed when the Gosses, parents of two young children, attempted to teach their son about money and they weren’t able to find any simple resources. The first book, BUCK Making Cents, is written for children ages 5-9 years old. More books for all learning ages will be coming in 2021.




Dustin Goss is a serial entrepreneur and a "Go-to-Market" product and brand strategy specialist. He has started multiple businesses and acquired others in the past 2 decades. He has brought over 30 product lines to the retail market with 6 different brands.


He holds a BA in Business Administration focused on Operations Management from the University of Washington, with Magna Cum Laude Honors. He is available as an expert in business strategy consulting at


Dustin and Febyolla place a high priority on their financial coaching business focused on entrepreneurs and on the education of personal finance for today's youth.




Febyolla Goss began her career in the entertainment industry as a model of fashion and beauty since she was 17 years old at her home country, Indonesia. She moved to The United States at age 25 when she married Dustin Goss, and together they have two kids.


Her true calling—focusing on love of family combined with educating children— drew her into the business world where she earned degrees in Business Management and Marketing, and joined her serial entrepreneur husband, Dustin, to build BUCK Academy in 2019. They have published multiple titles of youth personal finance focused books, these books are written by her husband, Dustin, and illustrated by Febyolla.


Febyolla brings her gifts of whimsical drawing and a vivid imagination to these charming books, teaching children the skills and knowledge about money that will serve them for the rest of their life.


Above all, the joy of motherhood is what defines Febyolla’s work and what makes BUCK's illustrations so captivating to young readers and so helpful to parents.

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