Buck Academy helps Parents to EDUCATE children about Personal Finance


Uniquely crafted in inspiration of our own children, Buck Academy provides a wealth of knowledgeable material on simple finance based education. Providing you, and your youth the ability to change their lives and inspire the minds of tomorrow. 


Buck Academy was born from a need to teach and nourish the youth in our lives. We live and breath in a household that is passionate about being the best version of you, that you can be. As we have lived, grown, and learned as a unit of our own, we have created a foundation of knowledge for many more to come. 


We believe that we can all make a difference in protecting and preserving our home. At Buck Academy, we strive to make conscious business efforts to lower our impact on Earth. All of BUCK Academy products are printed on FSC Certified paper; while also supporting our local printing presses to lower our distribution footprint. 


For every book that is purchased, Buck Academy will give a portion of the proceeds to a child, library, or school in need! 

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BUCK Academy's Story

BUCK Academy offers books and lessons written and illustrated by entrepreneurial husband and wife team Dustin and Febyolla Goss. BUCK, a friendly personification of a dollar, breaks money down to the basics with the goal of creating a new society of young savers and investors. 

The idea for BUCK Academy blossomed when the Gosses, parents of two young children, attempted to teach their son about money and they weren’t able to find any simple resources. The first book, BUCK Making Cents, is written for children ages 5-9 years old. More books for all learning ages will be coming in 2021.

“Like it or not, money is as at the center of modern lifestyles,” Dustin Goss said. “How many of us wish we had been smarter with finances starting at a young age? All of us! We want our children to be a little wiser and have less financial stress in their lives. BUCK has been created to make money approachable and foster appreciation of saving for the future.”

If you enjoyed any of our books please buy another and pass the gift forward.  We donate a portion of each sale to the education of less fortunate children, schools and library systems.

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