Spring cleaning is a healthy habit to start. Teaching children the importance of responsibility through spring cleaning tasks can embed a lifelong tradition of healthy habits.

How do you teach children about spring cleaning?

First, they must understand why we Spring Clean. We spring clean to keep our belongings we worked so hard to buy in good condition. Spring cleaning with children also opens up an opportunity to educate them about trash, recycling, and donating (and allows parents to remind children about needs versus wants).

Decide on rewards for Spring Cleaning. 

A way for children to understand the value of money is to have them learn the cost of making a BUCK. Below are some examples you may ask your child to help with for Spring Cleaning, where you may incentivize them by offering an allowance.

  • Clean the windows and sills
  • Put away winter jackets and shoes
  • Clean out the fridge and freezer
  • Wash walls & baseboards
  • Vacuum couches and chairs

Sort through your Child’s Room together.

In your child’s room, ask your child to go through their belongings and decide if items should be kept, thrown away, donated, or recycled. From there, have them sort these into piles.

To help your child decide what pile they want to put items in, educate them on what it means to throw away, recycle, and donate.

Here is some important information for children to know about these:


In the United States, we produce over 250 million tons of solid waste per year! So, where does this waste we throw away go? Typically, they end up in some of the 3,000 active landfills we have here in the U.S.


Recycling helps us keep trash out of landfills. We need to recycle to help save as much material from going into landfills since all items that we produce come from valuable and limited resources.

Depending on where you live, you can get paid $.05 – $.010 per item for recycling aluminum cans and plastic bottles.


Donating our clothes, toys, and other things we no longer need helps others that cannot afford to buy these goods. Plus, through donations, we keep items out of the landfills. 

Learn with BUCK!

Reiterate these lessons you’ve taught your child by using our interactive Spring Cleaning Challenge. By completing this exercise, your child will also watch BUCK through our interactive lesson plan. 

Start the Spring Cleaning Challenge

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